Watch: Monkey uses phone to order groceries, leaves owner shocked

Interestingly, Mengmeng did not cancel the things ordered by the money as she claimed that it had only ordered necessary items.

Now, this was no 'monkey' business. A clever monkey in China surprised its owner after it managed to use her cell phone to order grocery items online.

According to a video going viral on social media, Lv Mengmeng, who works at the Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou China, was left shocked when she found an order place via her account. However, on checking the CCTV footage, she realised that the culprit was none other than her pet monkey.

Watch the video here:

Mengmeng was about to order daily necessities on her phone when she realised that her monkey was hungry. She decided to stop the task in between and went into the kitchen to prepare food.

However, on returning she realised that the order had already been placed. Puzzled, she later found out that it was her monkey behind the deed. Mengmeng later said she frequently ordered groceries online and her monkey could have learnt and mimicked from it.

Mengmeng later told local media that she had not cancelled the shopping as the monkey had ordered items of necessity.