Watch: Modi saw this problem with Aadhaar in 2013. He hasn't fixed it yet in 2017

Scroll Staff

While the Supreme Court has stated that Aadhaar cannot be made mandatory, the BJP-led government has effectively ignored the judgment by making it compulsory for numerous schemes and government benefits, not to mention private sector services like bank accounts and mobile connections, while refusing to comment on the invasion of privacy and the faults in the system.

What’s more, there are reports that the Aadhaar system is making is possible for illegal immigrants to obtain cards.

But someone did foresee all these problems with Aadhaar way back in 2013, a year before he held the country’s top post.

“Congressmen were dancing as if it was a herb for all cures,“ Narendra Modi had said at a BJP youth rally in 2013 in central Tamil Nadu. “With the Supreme Court pulling up the Centre, people are now seeking answers from the Prime Minister who should disclose how much money had been spent.”

Modi had also said that he wrote to the prime minister to ask him why he wasn’t responding to the questions asked by the apex court, adding: “I had warned them, if you keep giving Aadhaar card to people, it will be easier for the people who want to infiltrate India. People from neighbouring countries will enter India, and take away our rights using illegal means.”

Here’s the full speech. Modi begins speaking about Aadhaar at the 45 minute point.