Watch: 'Mis'translator PJ Kurien messes up Rahul Gandhi's speech to hilarious effect

Veteran Congress leader PJ Kurien and former Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, is the latest 'mis'translator to lighten up the hectic election season. At a rally in Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday, PJ Kurien was entrusted with the task of translating Rahul Gandhi's speech in English to Malayalam.

First, PJ Kurien seemed to have trouble understanding Rahul's speech and the latter had to repeat every line for his benefit. Even short sentences like "30,000 crores were given to Anil Ambani" had the Kerala leader looking befuddled. Such was the confusion that at one point, Rahul Gandhi could not help but smile in amusement.

PJ Kurien kept saying 'echo problem' and then had the brainwave of moving closer to Rahul Gandhi to pay more attention. But alas, he also moved away from his mic and nobody could hear his confident translation. Rahul Gandhi quickly got the mic back. The Congress president then alleged that PM Modi had given away thousands of crores to a list of people - it was beyond PJ Kurien to get it all!

While Rahul was keen to stay away from attacking the Left in Kerala, PJ Kurien wasn't going to let that happen under his watch. When Rahul said, "The Congress's fight is against the BJP and RSS", Kurien translated it as, "The Congress's fight is against the BJP and the Marxists." A statement that's true enough in the state but not at the Centre.

Rahul Gandhi promised that Rs 3.6 lakh would come to a poor person's account in five years through the NYAY scheme. PJ Kurien decided to be more generous and made it Rs 3.6 lakh crore!