Watch: Man's Quest to Catch 'Snake' in Field Leaves Netizens Fooled

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In the age of Vines and TikTok videos, creativity is king on social media today. And many do not shy away from participating in dangerous endeavors for some likes on social media. A recently viral video of a man trying to catch a snake with his bare hands is proof.

However, the story wasn't as simple as catching a snake.

The video was originally posted by the Twitter user AVA. Twitter user Sean Kent shared the video on his account, with the caption, “Wait For It.”

In the clip, a middle-aged man can be seen trying to pull something from a field full of tall grass. He appeared to be trying to catch a snake.

Eventually, however, he pulled out something from the fields that was black and appeared to be a snake. However, a closer look revealed that he black object was actually a belt. The man pulled it out with a flourish and wore it on his waist to conclude the prank.

The ingenuous prank has received around 2.85 million views, with more than 6,300 likes. A lot of people laughed out loud, admitting that the suspense kept them glued to the screen until the final expose.

However, this is not the first time when a misidentified "snake" has caught the attention of social media users. A few days ago, a woman shared a picture of a 'snake' that made her afraid. However, she later revealed that it was nothing terrifying, but a thread of someone’s hair extension.