WATCH: Man's 'Jugaad' to Get Rid of Houseflies Using Chameleon Has Baffled the Internet

Necessity often leads to the creation of the most innovative things. A man who seemed to be too annoyed with flies in his house came up with a hack to get rid of it by using a chameleon.

The video of this innovative trick has been shared by a Twitter user @Buitengebieden.

In the clip, one can see the person balancing the colour changing reptile on a stick and carrying it to another room where a fly can be seen roaming.

A few seconds later, the reptile in green can be seen chomping off the fly. Even though the jugaad sounded and looked quite interesting, netizens weren't too sure if they wanted to try it or not.

As of now, the video has been viewed over one lakh times.

A person who seemed to be blown away by the concept was reminded of a popular 90s cartoon Flintstones. He said, "This makes me think of the sort of animal-powered 'appliances' used on 'The Flintstones'.

On a wittier note, another person said, "Prospective pet owner: What type of exercise?

Pet shop employee: Simply replace 'Want to go for a walk', with 'Want to go for a fly’…"

Some other people, who were blown away by the trick, also dropped in there comments, have a look at few of them: