Watch: Man in Wales Tapes Bananas to Crotch to Protest Restriction of Clothes Sale

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Wales has recently announced a 17-day 'firebreak lockdown' to restrain the spread of coronavirus, as a result of which supermarkets are prohibited from selling non-essential items like clothes, toys, shoes and bedding. However, the restrictions didn’t go down well with the citizens and hence lead to protests.

Peoples are expressing their disappointment on the classification of non-essential items in their own unique ways. A video of a man covering his crotch with bananas instead of wearing trousers while doing household chores has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, the man named Stephen Matthews can be seen standing on top of a stool without wearing any trousers. The short video has garnered lakhs of views and reactions.

As reported by Times Now News, Matthews revealed that he did this as he wanted to make a funny video and put a smile on people’s face rather than doing protest by going down the political road. He said the idea came up in his mind on Saturday morning after he found that all his trousers were kept for laundry. He further went on saying that the non-essential thing has gone crazy really and he hopes the government turns around a bit.

He is quoted as saying, "Bananas were the only thing I could find really. I restricted myself with a bit of tape and I couldn't use any other fruit because I didn't have any. All my clothes were in the wash and I had my shorts on.”

Earlier a video of a man shopping at a Tesco store in just his underwear, shoes, and socks has gone viral. The 38-year-old was filmed by wife Dawn where he can be seen riding an escalator in his underpants before restricted from entering into the store by a security guard. In the video, his wife can be seen asking the security guard that if the clothes are not essential. She can be also heard saying, “This is beyond a joke”.