Watch: Local BJP Leader’s Family Thrash MP Cop for Fining Them

Family members of Madhya Pradesh BJP leader Shobhna Raghuvanshi have been accused of allegedly thrashing Police Constable Ashutosh Tiwari in Guna district on 22 April.

The incident occurred when the police stopped three girls from BJP block president Shobhna Raghuvanshi’s family for driving without a helmet. When the cop began to fine them for traffic violations, the girls reportedly made a call to the family.

The girls’ uncle and Raghuvanshi’s husband arrived at the spot with a few supporters, and a scuffle broke out. Constable Ashutosh Tiwari was thrown on the ground and beaten up during the scuffle. The incident was captured on cellphone cameras, NDTV reported.

The attack occurred outside the police control room in Guna. NDTV quotes Tiwari as saying:

12 people barged into the control room where I was. They grabbed me by the collar and started beating me up. My staff saved me. I have bruises.

The police have reportedly filed two separate cases, one of obstructing a government officer while on duty and another of beating up and intimidating an officer on duty.

Raghuvanshi’s husband however alleged that a “few words were exchanged” and when a heated argument ensued “they started pushing each other”. According to Raghuvanshi, the cops filed a one-sided case.