Watch: Indira Gandhi speaks fluent French in rare interview

In the video, Indira Gandhi reportedly talks about ger political commitment as a woman.

On former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's 105th birth anniversary, here is a rare video of an 1969 interview she gave in French in London. Gandhi, who is sometimes referred to as the Iron Lady of India, was India's first and the only woman prime minister.

Watch the video here:

In the video, the former prime minister, who was in London for the Commonwealth conference, can be seen talking to actor-producer Jacques-Olivier Chattard in fluent French.

Gandhi talks about her political commitment as a woman and also justifies the need for a conference, nearly 20 years after India's independence.

When asked about the most urgent issue he country faces, she says that its social injustice. She also said that she is focussed on ensuring the economic well being of the country.