Watch: India Tests Fire-And-Forget Anti-Tank Missile Developed By DRDO

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Earlier today, India test-fired an anti-tank missile developed indigenously by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The missile has been designed to hit and destroy heavily-armored tanks and other armored fighting vehicles.

The DRDO has released a video of the test.

The low weight man-portable missile hit its target successfully during the test, the DRDO said in its statement, adding that it has already been successfully flight-tested for its maximum range.

The missile, tested in direct attack mode, destroyed its target with precision, the statement issued by the agency said.

It is a fire-and-forget missile, which means it does not require guidance (such as wire guidance) from the operator after launch. A fire-and-forget system, like the one tested today, gives its operator the time to relocate after launch, reducing vulnerability to enemy retaliation.

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