Watch: Health Ministry gives updates on Covid cases, vaccines & herd immunity

The health ministry in its briefing on Covid-19 situation said that over 1 million people have recovered from Covid infection in the country. Addressing the media, Secretary in the Health Ministry Rajesh Bhushan said that India salutes doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who have made this possible. The top official also spoke on herd immunity and said that it is not a feasible option in a country as large as India. He added that herd immunity in India would means lakhs of people would have to be infected, get hospitalised and many would die in the process. The Health Ministry also gave an update on the vaccines that are on trial across the world. 'Three vaccine candidates are in phase 3 clinical trial in the US, UK and China. In India, two indigenously developed vaccine candidates are in phase I and II of clinical trials. Trial of the first vaccine involves 1,150 subjects at eight sites, second on 1,000 subjects at five sites', Bhushan said. Watch the full video for all the details.