Watch: Golden Retriever Playing with Its Stuffed Toy is Winning Hearts

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An adorable and uber cute video of a dog playing with its stuffed toy - a puppy, has gone viral on social media. The 10 seconds video shared on Twitter by Humor And Animals shows the golden retriever holding up its toy in the air like a baby and then tossing it around to play with it.

Notably, according to Wag, some dogs like Golden Retrievers and Labradors are genetically predisposed to like stuffed toys more than others because they fall into a group that had predecessors who were used for hunting and carrying ducks. This would explain why they usually like carrying the soft stuffed toys around and don't tend to destroy them.

Since being posted on Twitter, the video has garnered over 3.19 million views. It has received more than 2 lakh likes and has been re-tweeted over 48,000 times.

Twitterati are going all 'aww' seeing the dog play with its toy. Many users also shared videos of their pets playing with toys. Here's how they reacted to the video:

On Instagram, a golden retriever named Sadie and its stuff toy, named Bestie, have a huge fan following. Sadie and Bestie page on the photosharing app named look_its_sadie has over 89,000 followers. In 2017, a video of Sadie getting 'jealous' of its toy Bestie had gone viral on social media.

Last month, a video of a dog named Gae, by locals, faked an injury to catch the attention of people and get snacks from them had gone viral on social media. The video showed Gae dragging his left hind leg along the ground to show that it was broken. However, when a man stopped by to check, the canine got up to walk completely fine.