Watch: Footage Captures UFO Tailing US Navy Ship, Then Vanishing Into the Ocean

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Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell released a video on his Instagram account of an unidentified “spherical” object that followed USS Omaha, a US navy combat ship, for about an hour and then vanished into the North Pacific Ocean. According to Corbell, the video was filmed at the command of the navy ship while it was on manoeuvres more than 160 kilometres west of San Diego, a southwestern coast in the United States, around 11 pm on July 15, 2019.In July 2019, at least five navy ships witnessed unidentified drone-like flying objects over three days, 8News Now reported. In the released video, a spherical black object can be seen on a screen inside the command centre of the USS Omaha. The UFO can be seen moving in circles and then getting steadier. Slowly descending, the object disappears into the ocean.

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Corbell said the object was at least 6 feet in diameter and travelled at a speed in the range of 72 kilometres per hour to 250 kilometres per hour. Terming the unknown object as an “advanced transmedium vehicle,” Corbell wrote in his tweet that there was no wreckage found or no craft was recovered at the location. According to Corbell, 14 such targets were detected by the various sensors of the navy ship.

The Pentagon, the headquarter of the US Department of Defense, confirmed that the footage was authentic. The video recorded by navy personnel is also a part of the ongoing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) investigation by a UAP Task Force being run by the Pentagon.

“I can confirm that the video was taken by Navy personnel and that the UAPTF included it in their ongoing examinations,” Susan Gough, a Pentagon spokesperson, told The Debrief.The Task Force was made in June 2020 to investigate and “standardize collection and reporting” of UFO sightings.

In April 2020, the US Navy declassified two videos of UFO sightings captured by Navy pilots and released on its website. One of the footages showed a mysterious wingless aircraft with no clearly visible means of propulsion.

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