WATCH: Florida Couple Reuniting After Staying Apart for 215 Days in Pandemic is Too Pure

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A heartwarming video showing a husband and wife, reuniting after 215 days is being widely shared online. The recording has an elderly couple from Florida who have been married for 60 years.

Joseph Loreth and his wife, Eve, after having to stay apart due to COVID-19 restrictions were seen sharing their first hug. The husband and wife were communicating through window visits and phone calls for the last seven months.

Over the weekend, finally, the two were reunited at their assisted living facility in Brandon, Florida.

The special moment of the tearful reunion was captured on camera by an attendant and shared on Facebook. As seen in the video, Joseph was being assisted in a wheelchair through the corridors down a hallway of the Rosecastle facility at Delaney Creek.

He mentioned that he needed a haircut, but as he emerged from the door which led to a common room where his wife was waiting.

Eve, who was writing, looked up from her paper and realized that she could actually meet her husband in person. "Oh my God," exclaimed Eve on sighting her husband.

As she tearfully hugged him, Joseph said, "I sure did miss you.” Overcome with emotion, he added, "I didn't think I'd ever get over here. I missed you so much." “I love you. After 60 years, I gotta do something right," he added.

The centre’s post on their Facebook post shared on Thursday read: “We got to witness these two resident love birds see and hug each other for the first time since the pandemic. Get your tissues out!"

The couple living at the assisted facility home had the internet in tears after the emotional tear-jerking video was made available online.

Joseph was in rehabilitation and had undergone surgery when Eve became a resident of the facility. The two were not allowed to see each other in person until 80-year-old Joseph fully recovered.