Watch: Firefighters Go Back to Rescue Dogs After Dousing House Fire in California

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Not all heroes wear capes, and that may include firefighters. Recently, a house in California, United States, was engulfed in a fire and firefighters were not only left with the task of putting out the blaze but also rescuing and reviving two small dogs. Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District spokesman Chris Vestal said firefighters “found heavy fire conditions” after being alerted to a house fire on August 14.

The fire was apparently caused due to a tree branch falling onto a power line. Braving scorching temperatures, the firefighters managed to douse the flames. But their work was far from over as two small dogs were still trapped inside the house.

"After we were done suppressing the fire, putting the fire out and searching the building, we found one dog," Vestal told Fox News.

However, the firefighters were informed about the presence of another dog inside the house. "So, we walked back into the building and searched the building again and then that’s when we found Kiwi, the little white dog," Vestal said.

Videos posted on Twitter by Sacramento’s fire department show Vestal and firefighters carrying the dogs, named Cocoa and Kiwi, to safety and nursing them back to health.

In one video, the firefighters can be seen putting an oxygen mask over the dog’s snout to revive it.

"The masks that were donated are specifically designed to go over the muzzle of an animal, specifically a dog or a cat,” FOX40 quoted Vestal as saying. The two dogs were later reunited with their owner who was away when fire engulfed her home.