Watch: Emotional moment when astronaut Christina Koch reunited with her dog after almost a year

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The NASA astronaut shared the video on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

American astronaut Christina Koch returned to planet Earth last Thursday after a record-breaking 328 days in the Space and had an emotional moment back at home -- with her dog. Koch, who created history with the longest single spaceflight ever by a woman was happy to be back with her family and the pet. Now, the sweet moment is going viral.

Sharing the special occasion on Twitter, the NASA engineer and astronaut wrote, "Glad she remembers me after a year!" The emotional video showed the pooch eagerly waiting at the door and jumping in joy when it saw her owner after an 11-month-long space mission. As the pooch smothered her with love and affection, giving kisses, Koch too was overwhelmed to see the dog's reaction.

Watch the reunion here:

"To see your favourite animal is a symbol of coming back to the people and places you love," she said during a press conference Wednesday. She also said it's good to be back home and she is enjoying her favourite things from food to hanging out at the beach.

The sweet moment with her pet delighted everyone online and moved many to tears. Even NASA showered love at the sweet reunion. With nearly 2.5 million views, the video has left many dog-lovers emotional.

A few months ago, Koch was part of the first-ever all-female spacewalk when she and fellow astronaut Jessica Meir spent more than seven hours fixing a faulty power controller outside of the ISS.