Video of 'Dancing Unicorn' in Snow is Getting Everyone in the Mood for Christmas

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While cat and dog videos are really popular on the internet, it isn't often that one sees a unicorn filmed dancing in the middle of the road (mostly because they are mythical creatures that don't really exist).

However, a video is going viral on Facebook for that very reason - for capturing a unicorn dancing in the snow. The video was shared by Facebook user Meghan Hughes, who captioned it, "Magical snow blowing".

Well, to be fair, it wasn't really a dancing unicorn but a mortal in a puffy unicorn costume, shoveling snow. Shot in New York’s Schenectady area, the 20-seconds-long clip shows the person joyously jumping and wiggling around while being at her work.

The video soon caught the internet's attention. In fact, it went so viral that Meghan posted a second tweet writing, “Made the news! Yup that’s me as the unicorn. Having fun snow blowing.”

In the video, Meghan can be seen dressed as a unicorn, replete with a rainbow mane and tail and a red snowblower in hand to clear the snow.

Recently, New York’s Albany region was hit by a sudden snowstorm. This resulted in shutting of schools while local governments instituted emergency parking and road restrictions.