WATCH: Elderly Couple Separated by Covid-19 Restrictions Reunites in UK in Heartwarming Video

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The coronavirus pandemic kept many of us away from our loved ones and the restrictions of social distancing were stricter for senior citizens as they are more likely to develop fatal symptoms of the infection. It was under these circumstances that a British couple remained separated for a long time since the pandemic took over their lives.

However, in a recent video shared on social media, it was seen how the two finally had their emotional reunion. The Mansfield-based couple, Gordon and Mary Davis, both aged 89, had to spend months apart after Gordon fell ill. According to a report by BBC, when a room became available at Baily House Care Home in Mansfield, where Mary had been staying, they were finally brought back together. The emotional video of their reunion was shared on social media platforms. It was reshared by Rex Chapman on Twitter, where it garnered over 3.8 million views.

In the thirty one-second video, Mary is seen walking with help of a walking machine and as soon as she sees Gordon her jaw drops and with a gaping face she expresses her surprise. Mary leaves her walking machine and walks up to her husband who also puts down his walking stick. The two hold each other in a loving embrace and kiss each other as they look at each other. A nurse can be seen supporting Gordon by the arms as the couple embraces.

Liked by over 115.3K users and retweeted over 20k times the video has touched the hearts of several people.

Commenting on the video netizens shared their teary-eyed reactions. One of the users commented how the part where the couple just ditched their walking aids and ran at each other is "class."

While another user commented, how they did not have a good cry for a long time and this video just came in time.

For some, the video was the purest example of true love which is quite rare in today's times.

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