Watch: How Did This Woman Stay Afloat in the Air Like That?

A viral video of a woman floating in the air for a split second has netizens scratching their heads.

The clip shared by an Instagram user named Myka Shae begins with two women preparing to make a jump over a lake with the help of a rope swing.

One of them takes the leap, but apparently loses her grip mid-way. What happens next has left people completely amazed. The woman, instead of falling directly into the lake, remains afloat in the air without any support for a fraction of a second.

Captioning the video, which has been watched over 2,50,000 times, Myka wrote, “2020 hit me hard like.... Happy Monday, friends! I hope my sister makes y’all laugh as hard as I did watching this - On repeat.”

While majority of the comments on the post are that of shock, a user seemed to have identified how the woman remained afloat. He said, “She got tangled on the rope that is use to bring back the swing that’s attached to the stand where she is standing on when she took off.”

He explained that when the woman slipped off the handle, she fell and hit the other rope that’s attached. As a result, one could capture this weird looking move. “There’s nothing paranormal. Look at the end of the video you can clearly see the rope as it’s attached,” he added.

A person who seemed to be shocked by the video, wrote, “Can someone scientifically explain this to me???!! Hahaha.” Another Instagram user said, “Her guardian angel redirected her to safety.”