Watch: The ‘Cyclonic Storm Dancer’ from Aizwal is Back with Samurai Moves!

Through the duration of the ongoing nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, social media has been full of clips where people have been showing off their skills.

Similarly, a 27-year-old man from Mizoram, who had recently taken social media by storm with his dancing skills during heavy rainfall and thunderstorm, is back!

This time the man from Aizawl, Jeremy Ralte, has just taken things up by a few notches as is visible on social media.

“After watching a Samurai movie. Getting ready for the apocalypse • Lockdown almost over. Stay strong people. Have a safe weekend,” he wrote while sharing the clip on Instagram.

Inspired by the Samurai movies, Ralte was seen dropping some rather cool moves while wearing something similar to a kimono.

With some kicks and jumps to Yoshida Brothers’ ‘Ibuki’ music, the man is seen braving the heavy showers on his roof and having some fun.

The last time his video went viral, a resident from McDonald Hill area in Zarkawt, he took on the cyclonic rainfall while grooving to Micheal Jackson’s song, this time he flaunted off ninja moves, with a plastic sword to popular music by Japanese shamisenist musicians.

“I was really really bored (with all the quarantine). Then the storm came…so I thought why not. Then, this rough storm seems like this rough year 2020. Besides, I kinda love bad weather,” Ralte had told the Indian Express.