Watch: Cops fight with Covid patient's family after alleged violence with medics

Police personnel had an altercation with family of a covid patient. Fierce fight with sticks was caught on camera in M.P.'s Khandwa. Two cops were seen holding one man and the third cop hit him with a cane. When some women intervened, the policeman was seen hitting them too. The covid patient's family had allegedly beaten up a medical team. Family allegedly tried to take medics hostage and cops went for rescue. "A medical team who had gone to check on a covid patient was beaten and held hostage by patient's family. Police went to rescue the team and were attacked by the patient’s family. The cops retaliated. FIR has been filed on behalf of the medical team. Probe has been ordered against accused cops," said the Superintendent of Police (SP), Vivek Singh. Watch the full video for more.