Watch: Cleaner Who Served Apartment Building for 2 Decades Gifted Penthouse, Video Goes Viral

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The coronavirus pandemic has been harsh and difficult for everyone across the globe. Many people in the peak time of the virus lost their jobs and as a result, they had to face severe financial difficulties. However, it is in such times that the world also witnessed one of the most kind and heart-warming side of people at large. A recent video went viral wherein a cleaner is gifted an apartment in posh building in New York.

The heart-warming clip, which was first seen on Reddit, begins with the cleaner and one more person in an elevator. The person, with the help of chits, gives background about the cleaning lady. It is evident from the chits that the lady’s name is Rosa. The person then informs that she had been working in the building as a cleaner for 20 long years. However, she lost her job during the pandemic. The chits also revealed that the lady is much loved by the people living in the building and they wanted to do something for her in return.

What is more interesting is the fact that Rosa is entirely unaware of this news. She is seen carrying her cleaning equipment in the lift and is of the thought that she has been called to clean the penthouse. On reaching the apartment, she can be seen exploring the house. During her house tour, she acknowledges the pretty spots of it and on seeing the kitchen, she is also heard saying, “I hope the ones who live here love to cook.”

Rosa is informed that there are four rooms and three bathrooms in the apartment and a terrace as well. She looks surprised on the terrace as she comments on how beautiful it will be during the sunny afternoons and how the ones who get to stay here can enjoy the open night sky.

It is only after the complete tour is done, she is told that the apartment belongs to her for the next two years. The man, who is apparently the in-charge of the contract documents, is heard saying that she does not have to do anything apart from signing the lease document and taking the keys. The other person, who accompanied her in the lift, tells her that this is only a mark of gratitude from the people of the building who she had loyally served for 20 long years.

As expected, Rosa is taken by surprise and is heard repeatedly saying, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this. This is so unreal.” She can also be seen crying tears of joy and happiness as she constantly thank the two men present there.