Watch: 'Cigarette Cockroach' Smoking on the Streets of NYC is a Mood

Remember Pizza Rat? New York City's pizza-loving rodent became viral across the world this September when it was caught on tape lugging a slice of pizza to an unknown location. And now, cigarette cockroach is the new creature to go viral for mimicking not so healthy human activities.

On Friday, a cockroach was spotted in NY, contently smoking a cigarette. In the video captured by lawyer Tom Kretchmar, the cockroach can be seen dragging a burning cigarette across a sewer grater at the "53rd & 5th E/M stop".

Though it sometimes struggles, the roach seems fixed on getting its fill of nicotine.

The video became quite a hit on Twitter with many wondering if the little roach was going to smoke the entire cigarette.

While the roach may be the first of its kind to experience a smoke, a number of animals have previously opened up their lungs to man's greatest vice. In 2018, a video of a 22-year-old orangutan smoking a lit cigarette thrown inside by a visitor in an Indonesian zoo went viral.

The video outraged animal rights activists who blamed zoo authorities for negligence.