Watch: Chinese Biker Tosses Trash Back into Car. Is This What Indians Should Be Doing?

Littering has always been a problem.

People on the road, often feel that tossing their garbage outside the window and immediately being rid of it is a better alternative than keeping it in their car and throwing it in the next garbage bin they find.

Recently, a clip shared by Virat Kohli went viral which showed Anushka Sharma schooling a person for littering in Mumbai after they threw trash out their car window.

But this problem of throwing trash out is universal. A biker in China has perhaps found the apt solution for this.

In a video shared by China Global Television Network, a woman is seen throwing a bag of garbage outside her car window. A biker, who pulls up beside her, picks up the garbage bag and throws it bag inside.

A female motorcyclist picked up a garbage bag that thrown out by a driver in #Beijing and threw it back inside the vehicle

— CGTN (@CGTNOfficial) September 23, 2018

The 40-second long video is being praised for being a good way to deal with people who litter - immediately.

I’m glad she did this!


Excellent response,bravo !!!

— Alexandros Pappas (@Alexandrosfly) September 23, 2018

Maybe she’ll think twice next time...!

— Pedro Lobo (@PedroLobo_Mo) September 23, 2018

But this is not the first time someone has dealt with road-littering this way. A few years ago in India, a team of Youtubers, Trouble Seeker Team had recreated a similar situation, where they followed cars that threw trash out and then returned that trash to them.