Watch: Chimpanzee escapes enclosure, attacks zoo-keeper

The zoo authority said the chimpanzee wasn’t successful in its plan.

There was panic in a China zoo after a chimpanzee escaped its enclosure and it resulted in all the visitors having to be evacuated. And a video that’s going viral shows the chimp attacking its keeper when he tried to catch it.

Children and adults at the Wildlife Park in China s southeastern province of Anhui ran for the exits with the chimp chasing them after escaping from its enclosure. Footage from the park’s cameras showed visitors being closely by the ape.

And when a zoo-keeper tried to intervene, the chimp went after him. A video showed the chimp kicking and punching the man several times before running off in a different direction.

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After a brief chase, the 12-year-old male chimp tried to take refuge on the roof of a building and was shot with a tranquillizer dart. Though it pulled out the dart almost immediately, the chimp fell unconscious and was put back its enclosure.

Fortunately, no one suffered any injuries during the incident, South China Morning Post reported.