Watch: This Carom Board is Complete with Coins and Strikers, But with a Slight Twist

The lockdown blues are making us go crazy. From playing ping pong through their windows to popularizing several online trends, the lockdown period has given us different sources of entertainment.

The latest one to join is a human carom game, where living beings acts as the players, strikes as well as coins. A video of the game has gone viral on the internet, fascinating the netizens.

The carom structure has been drawn on the floor using chalks. The scoring pockets have been drawn as large circles on the four corners. While four people act as coins standing around the center, one person becomes the striker for the two-player game. A player strikes from one end, causing two coins to end up in circles.

The video, which is initially said to be posted on TikTok, has been shared on various social media platforms including YouTube. The user name suggests that the video has been created somewhere in India. Here’s a look:

There is no doubt over the fact that carom has been one of the most loved board games in India, played by every family. It is as popular as ludo, chess, and snakes and ladders.

People are also switching to online mode to play board games with their friends, families as well as strangers. Playing it online promotes social distancing, keeping everyone safe at their homes. Keywords: Carom, board game, lockdown, ludo, online games