Watch: Bulgarian police pepper spray themselves while trying to disperse protesters

The footage went viral leaving people around the globe in splits.

Trying to disperse protesters outside the Bulgarian parliament, police personnel used pepper spray, but things didn’t go as planned. When the chemical was sprayed at protesters, the wind direction resulted in the spray hitting the police personnel. The video of the tearful police personnel washing their eyes has now gone viral on social media.

The group of agitators had gathered for a protest rally in capital Sofia, and initially, police officers used barricades to control the crowd. After some time, the police decided to use pepper spray on the protesters, except that no one checked which way the wind was blowing.

A video of the incident showed an officer spraying the chemical into the air and almost instantly other police personnel are seen rubbing their eyes as it blew into them. The police personnel then had to rinse their eyes with water.

According to local media outlet bTV Novinite, the protesters were demanding a national referendum to change the system of government to direct democracy. They were also demanding a new constitution, and the fight against corruption to be taken up with greater vigour.

The footage of the police personnel has left people in splits across the world.