Watch: Brazilian Man Pranks Police With Mannequin to Protest Against Covid-19 Restrictions

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With the recent spike in the number of cases of coronavirus across the world, many countries are imposing partial lockdowns and curfews to minimize the spread of this virus. Like many countries, Brazil too is taking such measures and has shut down its public beaches as part of its protocols to avoid public gatherings. This move by the Brazilian authorities did not go down well with a Brazilian man who decided to register his complaint with a unique prank.

As the public beaches in Brazil remained shut from March 15, a man placed mannequin of a woman to prank the authorities of the Brazilian state of São Paulo. After spotting the mannequin during their patrolling on the beach, the Municipal Civil Guards approached it assuming it to be a real woman. However, they were left baffled after realizing that it was a prank, and carried on with the patrol. The entire incident was caught on camera and shared online by the same who placed the mannequin on the beach.

Soon after the video got viral on the internet, the man was identified and tracked down by authorities. According to a report in G1 Globo, the man identifies as Maurício Vieira Izumi, was traced with the help of surveillance cameras and was levied with a fine and could even face a jail term.

Watch the video here:

Unimpressed by the actions of the man, Praia Grande City released a statement saying that this type of attitude only hinders the work carried out by the authorities. The statement requested people to follow the guidelines and protocols to fight against the new wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Brazil has been one of the worst affected countries by the coronavirus and has reported over 13.5 million cases since the outbreak of the coronavirus last year. The country reported over 37 thousand new cases of the virus on April 11. With 1800 new deaths in the last 24 hours the total number of deaths by Coronavirus has crossed 3.53 lakhs in the country.

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