Watch: When a blue whale painted the sea yellow

In the video, the whale can be seen excreting, leaving a greenish-yellow streak in the water.

A blue whale was caught on camera leaving a streak of greenish-yellow behind its trail as it passed stool off the coast of Australia. According to a Daily Mail report, the blue whale was migrating south along the western Australian coastline when a team of researchers spotted it defecating. Landscape photographer Ian Wiese, who was also stationed at Point Picquet, south of Perth, filmed the whale.

Watch the video here:

Wiese told Daily Mail that the team had taken necessary permissions to use a drone to capture the footage. The photographer also said that whale excreta is usually a 'pinky-red colour' and that he has never heard or seen such colour.

Netizens who came across the now-viral video speculated on what the whale might have had for lunch. Take a look at some of the comments: