Watch: Blue Whale Caught Pooping on Camera, Water Turns Bright Yellow

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Blue whale, the largest being of planet earth has left researchers and photographers amazed with its defecation, which painted the ocean yellow. A video of the mammal’s bowel movement, capture by landscape photographer Ian Wiese, along the Western Australian coastline, has gone viral.

About three hours south of Perth, at Point Picquet blue whales can be spotted from the location where Wiese filmed the process. Wiese, along with Rodney Peterson, were filming under permit, which allows photographers to operate drones. The two had filmed distinct instances of blue whales excreting in the water.

Blue whales were, earlier, believed to have a pink-red coloured excretion.

"It was the first time I had seen a blue whale, which was incredible enough, but then I realised it was doing something pretty interesting. Fair to say, it left quite a streak in the ocean," Peterson was quoted as saying to ABC News.

As per a report by ABC News, researchers believe that this yellow excretion can help them join the dots to their otherwise mysterious behavior. Curt Jenner, who works at the West Australian Centre for Whale Research, told the media house that this footage is a proof that the blue whales were feeding within 100 nautical miles (approx. 185 kms).

"It's an exciting development given [blue whales] are still one of the more endangered animals on the planet, yet we know so little about their behaviour," Jenner said.

"Knowing they are able to source a regular food supply is an indication of the health of the ocean and that should be of interest to everyone," he added.

Jenner further revealed that with each bowel movement a blue whale can produce close to 200 litres of stool.

Speaking about the stool’s nutrient value for the ocean, he said, “Their poo is a key nutrient for the ocean environment which essentially creates 'pastures' for small fish and krill to feed on.”