Watch: Azam Khan Berates, Threatens SDM Over State of Road, Market

SP leader Azam Khan makes headlines again, this time for threatening a public servant with dire consequences for taking Khan for granted.

Azam was visiting the Election Commission office in Rampur where he confronted the SDM. Khan, who had stepped out of his car and walked through an apparently slushy track to the poll office, was very angry with the SDM. Blaming the public official for the state of the road and the market place, Khan reminded him that the SP leader had brought him out from a posting at a forsaken area to this constituency.

I am still the minister and will remain one till the new government comes in. I still have the right to take action against you. This is very disappointing. Is this the reason why we brought you here? You cried and begged us to get you to this place and is this how you act now? How could you ask me to walk through that road? Have you seen the thick slush and filth on that road?

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim