WATCH: Australian Batsman Keeps Running Even After Ball Crosses Boundary

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In the field of sports, players do all possible things to win matches and bring the trophy for their country they represent.

Cricket is one such sport, which is not only one of the most watched, but has a huge fan base as well.

Players, sometimes go beyond their call of duty to ensure that they do not disappoint their fans, but end up becoming a laughing stock instead.

Recently, in the ongoing Sheffield Shield match, a player became the reason of laughter for doing more than what was required of him. So here is how it happened, the batsman hit the ball through slip cordon and it paced to the third-man fence, getting the team four runs.

However, he kept running on the pitch even after that and completed two more runs.

A clip of the same was posted by Cricket Australia on Twitter and gave a humorous caption, "When the phrase 'save your legs' means nothing to you #SheffieldShield".

In the 25-second clip the non-striker is seen standing at his place as the batsman hit the ball that crosses the boundary and he still is running to get runs.

The incident and may be the sheer dedication as it seems, left the commentators in splits and they could not resist themselves from laughing. They soon started to make fun of the batsman. With one of the commentators saying, "He can't any more than four, right."

The other commentator also could not stop himself from making a hilarious remark saying, "you just ran eight".

After the batsman realised and slowed down, one of the commentators tried to remind him through his commentary the batsman of the rules. He said, "once it goes over the over".

Since being posted, the video has been watched over 9,200 times.

Sheffield Shield is Australia's domestic first-class cricket competition and is played among six teams - Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.