Watch: The Art Of Self Mummification: Sokushinbutsu

Janhavi Sharma
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Mummification throughout history has been associated with Egyptians. They believed in the afterlife and hence preserved their dead.

However, self-mummification or Sokushinbutsu was primarily a Buddhist concept wherein monks and ascetics engaged in long-term meditation in order to mummify themselves.

This kind of extreme meditation required perseverance and a complete immersion in the task. Food and liquid intake was minimal and ultimately stopped, by the monk in question. Chanting of special Buddhist mantras was a part of the process.

The practice was essentially undertaken in order to have complete control over one’s own life. These self-mummified monks are revered and respected even today in many stupas and temples across East and South East Asia and India.

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So here’s a closer look at this practice of self-mummification called: Sokushinbutsu.

It’s fascinating to see how the process of self-mummification took place, as a medium to attain complete control over one’s life.

SOURCE: Wikipedia, Atlas Obscura

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