Watch: Ancient Erotic Sculptures And Paintings That Rival Today’s Porn Industry

Divija Jain
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Sexual representations in art were quite common during the ancient periods. The art on these ancient sculptures and paintings is sometimes extremely explicit which is why many art collectors protest their public display in museums as well.

These days nudity is almost always linked with sexuality. This wasn’t the case for people who lived during the pre-historic and medieval times. However, sexuality was strongly linked to drinking explaining why there was a lot of erotic imagery on wine cups.

Here’s a collection of art from the ancient world that rival today’s porn industry:

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Besides the Khajuraho Temple, Ranakpur temple of Rajasthan and Morkandeshwar temple of Maharashtra are other temples famous for erotic sculptures.

Erotic sculptures in temples are proof that sexuality wasn’t always perceived like it is today. Any form of nudity is considered to be obscene and rebellious in today’s world.

Sexuality was often linked to religious morality in ancient days, one example of it is ‘Kamasutra’.

These sculptures and paintings also serve as eye-openers for our generation, sexuality is a subject that is not talked about often and openly. It is important we take a step towards being tolerant and more open to ideas of sexuality.

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Sources: The conversation, All that’s interesting, Native Planet, India Times

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