WATCH: This Adorable Squirrel Visits a German Family Everyday and Has its Own Dining Table

An adorable video showing a squirrel visiting a German house for food is one of the cutest things on the Internet.

In the clip, shared by news agency Reuters, the squirrel named Madame is seen munching on some seeds sitting on a miniature table on the balcony.

After a while, the animal gets inside the house where it can be eating some seeds from a woman’s hand.

"It comes by everyday, sometimes even twice, in the morning and the evening, sometimes at lunch time. It’s preferred food dish is sunflower seeds which it sucks up like a vacuum cleaner. It also loves hazelnuts and walnuts and also raisins," the woman said.

According to a report published in, this house is in Munich and a 10-year-old boy came up with the idea of the things for the squirrel.

The report mentions that the boy was bored during the coronavirus lockdown and came up with the idea of making a little corner in his balcony for his furry friend.

He has made a small picnic table, and has put a tiny plate and a beer mug which is usually filled with nuts and seeds for Madame.

The video has till now garnered more 141,000 views and social media users expressed their views about the cute clip.

A user talked about the appearances of squirrels across continents. “I love how different squirrels look continent to continent. So interesting,” the person said.