Watch: 18-feet python slithers on garage roof, stuns people in locality

The reptile named Juliet probably scaled the roof to escape dogs. (Source: Latonda Harvey/ Facebook)

Residents in a Detroit neighbourhood were scared to death when they recently spotted a huge python on the roof of a garage adjoining a home. As the slithering animal was seen moving across the roof, it spooked neighbours in the area wondering how it reached there in the first place.

As scores of people gathered outside to see the unusual sight, one woman did a Facebook Live of the entire incident, and it quickly garnered a lot of attention online. "Oh my god it’s moving and it’s huge," neighbour Latonda Harvey was heard in a clip posted on social media.

The 13-minute long video showed the commotion out on the streets with many cops standing at the distance. The snake was rescued by a young man who scaled atop the garage and was seen putting it on his shoulders and carrying it along the edge of the roof.

The 8-foot reticulated python, about 8 years old called Juliet, is actually a pet and had escaped from its cage after its owner forgot to put a lock. "It was my fault that she did get out. "[I] didn’t put the lock on probably. I was able to get here, get her back to her cage quick," owner Devin Jones-White told Detroit’s WXYZ.

Jones-White eventually arrived at the scene and rushed to save the reptile and said was worried about its safety.

"Yeah, I was scared for her. (I) had another friend of mine stand out here, make sure police didn’t do anything to her. I appreciate that. Thank you."

He claimed that the snake would not have harmed anyone and had probably scaled the garage to avoid dogs.