WATCH: 144-Storey UAE Building Demolished in 10 Seconds, Sets New Guinness World Record

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There are Guinness World Records for the craziest of things. People attempt to break and make records to become a part of the book of Guinness World Records. A building in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates named Meena Plaza Towers is now a part of the GWR for its demolition. The building was 165.032 m or 541.44 ft in height and had 144 floors.

A video of the incident was shared on the official Facebook page of GWR. In this video, one could see the building getting demolished within seconds. A dust storm can be seen once the building starts getting demolished.

The UAE building achieved the record of the tallest building demolished using explosives (controlled demolition). The record was achieved by Modon properties on November 27, 2020. The company followed the highest international safety standards while demolishing the building.

According to GWR, the demolition was initiated by an explosive detonating cord programmed with a delay. There were 915 kilograms of explosives in the tower activated by 3,000 delay detonators. The demolition process was completed in 10 seconds.

Modon Properties, which demolished the building, has also been given the task of redevelopment of designated areas in Mina Zayed, reported Khaleej Times.

This record was previously held by Controlled Demolition Inc. of Phoenix, Maryland, US who demolished Hudson Building in Detroit, Michigan. That building was demolished on October 24, 1998. The Hudson building was 439 feet tall and was a 25-storey building.

However, many people were not impressed seeing the video of the demolition which was shared on Facebook. A person said that some people don’t have a house to live in and “you explode buildings for fun. Good job.”

However, the comment is uninformed as the Meena Plaza Towers are being demolished as part of a mega project for the redevelopment of Mina Zayed.

A commenter by the username Amjad Mahmood said: “Billions wasted on failed real estate projects. Apparently, builders ran out of money to complete such failed projects. At least they got a certificate from Guinness World Record.”

Another person asked why water was not sprayed when the building was getting demolished so that it could have been less dusty. A Facebook user agreed and said, “And the new record for air dust. They should never reward for [a] bad thing.”

Commenting on the video, a user named Robert Nath jokingly asked if Fast And Furious was filmed around the building.