'You are wasting time in trying to look at our accounts': Hockey India president writes to Anil Khanna

New Delhi [India], June 10 (ANI): As Anil Khanna, the chairman of the Indian Olympic Association's (IOA) finance commission wished to see the balance sheet for the past three years of Hockey India, Mohd. Mushtaque Ahmad, the president of Hockey India has given a stern reply saying that Khanna is just wasting his time trying to find something which is not there.

Hockey India president, in his letter, has clarified that the body has been complying with the IOA regulations. In the letter, the Hockey India president has also brought out some federations who do not have their balance sheets posted on their website.

Ahmed has brought Kho Kho Federation to the notice of IOA as the body has its balance sheet pending for the fiscal year 2018-19.

He has also alleged that Ski and Snowboard India, Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association, and Uttarakhand Olympic Association do not have a website, and IOA's finance committee should first address these issues rather than to ask questions from Hockey India.

Earlier, in a mail sent to Hockey India, Anil Khanna had asked Hockey India to furnish details of their accounts for the last three years.

He had also mentioned Hockey India as a commercial organisation in his mail.

To this, Ahmed gave a stern reply in his mail, saying: "Hockey India is not a commercial organisation as you mention in your email. Hockey India is registered under the Societies Act for the purpose of promotion and development of hockey for men and women in India".

Ahmed has also said that Hockey India files its balance sheet annually as it is required under the Societies Act and further pays all tax and liabilities including income tax as may be required under the policies of the government of India. (ANI)