'A Waste of Time': Home Minister Amit Shah on Earlier Speculations About Being Given Finance Ministry


New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday called the speculations that had been raging ahead of ministry portfolio allocation, which had presumed that he would be given the Finance Ministry, a “waste of time”.

“In the BJP, especially when Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister, this kind of assessment should not be made. It is our constitution’s directive that the cabinet ministers are first selected and after which specific ministries are distributed or assigned. This is the special right of the Prime Minister which the constitution accords to him. So, I believe that thinking or assessing this is a waste of time,” he told Network 18 Group’s Managing Director News18 Network Group Editor-in-chief Rahul Joshi in an interview.

There had been much noise about Amit Shah becoming the Finance Minister, touted as the toughest job in the Cabinet. Everything had been going in Shah’s favour as he was considered the best man to pull the economy out of the crisis.

During Prime Minister, Narendra Modi stint as the Gujarat CM Shah had held the position of the Gujarat State Financial Corporation’s chairman and had designed a strategy to revive the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank.

Shah, however, expressed confidence in the choice made by the PM. “For many years, Narendra bhai has overseen the organizational work in Gujarat as well as the entire nation, so he knows many party workers personally. I believe he takes his decision based on his experience and the capability of the workers and our aim is to make his decision successful,” he said.