'I Wasn't Ready for This': Newborn Baby's 'Reaction' on Birth is a Whole New Mood

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A hilarious picture of a newborn looking at a doctor with a frown has gone viral on social media.

In the picture, Isabela Pereira de Jesus, born on February 13 via Caesarean section at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, seemed unimpressed when the obstetrician encouraged her to make a noise or cry before cutting off the umbilical cord.

The moment was captured by photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann and his click is now creating a buzz on social media.

The newborn was seen giving a grumpy look to the doctor, unlike other babies who tend to scream or wail.

Daily Mail cited Kunstmann’s interaction with Brazilian magazine Crescer, where the photographer said, "She opened her eyes wide, but did not cry. The doctor even had to say, 'cry Isa!' she made that serious expression and only started crying after the umbilical cord was cut."

Kunstmann shared 10 photos of the newborn's first moments on his Facebook account. But the one in which the baby is seen giving an angry stare down has become a widely used meme.

Here are a few tweets on the newborn viral baby:

Talking to LadBible, the photographer said he knew the picture had great potential to become a meme the moment he shared it on social media.

The mother of the newborn, Daiane, said her baby was born "courageous". "It's a meme already. She always wrinkles her forehead when changing diapers and nursing. Isabela was supposed to be born on the 20th, but she chose her day showing her personality," Daiane told Brazilian news outlet G1.