Wasim Akram ’embarrassed and humiliated’ at Manchester airport

Wasim Akram reveled his traumatic experience on Twitter. (Source: PTI)

Former Pakistan captain and fast bowler Wasim Akram was embarrassed and humiliated at Manchester airport on Tuesday. Akram took to Twitter to reveal his painful experience at the airport where he was mistreated by the authorities for carrying his insulin.

Accroding to Akram he was rudely questioned and was told to throw his insulin into a plastic bag.

"Very disheartened at Manchester airport today,I travel around the world with my insulin but never have I been made to feel embarrassed. I felt very humiliated as I was rudely questioned & ordered publicly to take my insulin out of its travel cold-case & dumped in to a plastic bag," he wrote on Twitter.

Akram was first diagnosed with Type I diabetes in 1997 when he was the captain of the Pakistan team and at the peak of his career. He has been taking insulin injections multiple times a day ever since.

Akram was in the United Kingdom recently as part of the commentary team for the Cricket World Cup 2019, which hosts England won on July 14.