Be Wary of Digital Media While Your Child Surfs Through!

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The key is to strike a balance!

Young children watching YouTube videos, pre-teens taking selfies and sharing them in Whatsapp groups and teenagers making new friends on Facebook is a scene all of us can relate with, in our very homes. While Digital Media and Social Sharing come with their share of cons there’s no denying that the Digital Technology delivers some good too. Helping your child with his textual lessons with the help of useful videos, asking for a missed classwork on Whatsapp and letting your child be a part of MUNs or stay abreast with current happenings around the world come easy in these times like never before.

The key is to strike a balance and be wary of Digital Media while your child surfs through it. Abandoning digital media will only make your child lag behind in many aspects. If you are too worried about your child’s use of digital technology then here’s a list of some rules you and your child can follow through to ensure a healthy and helpful digital experience.

1. For Young Kids

Know what your child is watching on YouTube or other video streaming apps. Do not ignore this rule if your child is watching animated videos only. There’s a plethora of animated content that may look funny from distance but is actually quite disturbing if you take a look closely. The golden rule is stick to branded content only and report and block any obscene animated videos.

2. For Pre-Teens

Sensitize your pre-teens that clicking selfies with pouts always on is not too cool. Let the children understand the beauty of simplicity. Also, sensitize your kids on using decent language while chatting. Make them aware of not falling prey to strangers or unwelcomed connections on Whatsapp or Facebook.

3. For Teenagers

Your teenage son or daughter will ask you to create his/her Facebook profile or give him a dedicated phone. While it’s absolutely your discretion, you must ensure you tell your child how to just add friends that she/he knows of in person, how to safeguard their privacy and photos, how they don’t need to be always active on these social media platforms, how they need to be careful while sharing photos with their friends, etc. Guide them that it’s good to be social but getting social all the time should not become a roadblock in their studies and higher goals of life.