'Wanted to Do for Society': Tamil Nadu Couple Serves Re 1 Meals to Pandemic-hit Locals

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The coronavirus pandemic and its lockdown ended up bringing life to a screeching halt everywhere and as Indian cities maneuvered a country-wide lockdown, hundreds and thousands of daily wage workers faced myriad issues and often did not have two square meals a day. But good Samaritans Pushparani C and her husband Chandrasekar from Trichy in Tamil Nadu were among those who in their own way, tried to alleviate some of the troubles for those suffering from the perils of the lockdown. The couple saw many people in their locality who were suffering due to lack of food, even more than from Covid-19 and decided to do something, they told The Better India.

Chandrasekar, who works as a welder, went through financial strain himself during the lockdown after his work got affected. So in August, when the lockdown finally was rolled back, he took a bank loan of Rs50,000 and set up a food kiosk where he started serving food fot Re 1 to the poor and needy.

Chandrasekhar’s wife Pushparani said the couple provides meals to those who are homeless and have no source of income. Till now, they feed at least 400 people on a daily basis. The duo is helped by their family members including their kids and serve breakfast of idlis, chutney and in lunch, the serve types of rice, such as vegetable rice, pudina rice, or coconut rice. The charge just Re 1 for breakfast and a mere Rs 5 for lunch.

Those who come to eat at their kiosks are usually students in hostels and poor and those who are in dire need of work and thus can barely afford money for food.

They start working at 4am to prepare the meals and are joined by their family and children, who help out with cutting the vegetables and preparation for the cooking. They also provide 20 free meals daily. For breakfast, one can come any time between 7 am to 11 am and for lunch noon till 3 pm. The husband-wife duo have also a board to inform people about the free meals.