Wanted Man Turns Himself In, Says He's Fed Up of People He Was Living With

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A man has traded freedom for peace in the United Kingdom’s Sussex. The wanted man whose identity has not been disclosed is a criminal who turned himself in because he did not want to be around people anymore. The fugitive was tired of being with the people he was living with and preferred coming back to prison instead of staying out. The bizarre and one of a kind incident was shared on Twitter by an inspector in the Sussex Police department Darren Taylor.

In his tweet, Darren says that the man wanted ‘peace and quiet’ and therefore, he surrendered. The man turned himself in on the afternoon of February 17 at around 5pm at the Burgess Hill Police Station.

Hilarious reactions are coming in on Darren’s tweets. A person described the many woes of living during the Covid-19 lockdown and said that there is a prolonged winter, work shifts at night and the days are spent homeschooling and toilet, training children. He jokingly said that he sympathises with the man who preferred lockup over lockdown.

Another user named Phil McDonald also said that the action of the man who surrendered is relatable.


Damien Honeyford, a Twitter user, also joked about the incident and said that he understands that the lockdown is difficult but this is not the solution.

Mocking his own condition, a user said quote-tweeted Darren’s tweet and said that law-abiding life has its own downsides.

Karen Murphy, another commenter held homeschooling responsible for the decision of the man. Homeschooling has emerged as the alternative during the Covid-19 lockdown which forced everyone, including kids to stay at home.

A user suggested the police officer lock this man at his home as according to the user, this would be the ‘true punishment.’

It has been a matter of concern for several researchers that Covid-19 lockdown has had an adverse psychological impact on people. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the mental health of several people has been affected.

As per Sky News, research by King's College London and Ipsos MORI shows that almost 25 percent of people had argued with family and friends about their actions during the Covid-19 lockdown.