I Want the Truth: Author Who Accused Chetan Bhagat of Plagiarism

Has Chetan Bhagat plagiarised his latest novel?

Bengaluru-based author Anvita Bajpai has claimed he lifted ideas from her book Life, Odds & Ends for his One Indian Girl.

The Quint spoke to Bajpai who filed a lawsuit against the author and in whose favour the Bengaluru court ruled, ordering a temporary injunction on the sale of Bhagat’s book.

Bajpai said she had met Bhagat in 2014 at the Bengaluru Literature Festival and had given him a copy of her book for critiquing.

Anvita BajpaiI read my own book and Bhagat’s book twice and saw the similarities in the storylines. A few scenes are common and even a few names in the book are common.

Bajpai spoke of how she found out about the alleged plagiarism, how she took on a big name like Bhagat with the help of her lawyers and what she’s seeking as reparation for her ideas allegedly being used by the author for his profit.

I was confused if I should really pursue the case given that I have a day job, a child to take care of and then a lawsuit would only add extra stress... but I couldn’t ignore this and let it go.

Video Editor: Vivek Gupta

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