Want to travel to the Philippines for free? Send us a video like this one!

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9 October 2013

Do you live to travel? Here’s your chance to explore the Philippines for free! White-sand beaches, underground river, chocolate hills—you can check all these out if you’re picked to be your country’s Yahoo Funbassador or Ambassador of Fun to the Philippines.

And it’s so easy to join this contest! All you need to do is submit a creative photo of yourself or make a fun video clip, not longer than 2 minutes, showing why we should pick you as the Y Funbassador of your country. Then upload it on your Flickr and share it with our Funbassador Flickr group. Be as creative as you want. Your video or photo submission will be judged according to the following criteria: Creativity of submission—40 %; Personality—40 %; X-factor—20 %. Click here for more details.

Wondering how to go about making your video? We thought this video sent in by Anang Setiawan of Indonesia is pretty cool. In his video, he included a creative self-photo with iconic images of Philippine culture, such as boxer Manny Pacquiao, a colorful jeepney, beach scenes, and the food!

So go ahead and make your own video or photo! Funbassadors to make it on the shortlist will get their own profile page. They can use their page to campaign for votes. Viewers will be voting for the entry that they think is the most creative and original.

You have until October 31 to send your video or photo entry. All entries will be screened and the winning video will be picked by a panel of representatives from Yahoo and the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Come find out for yourself why it really is more fun in the Philippines!