Want tea bombs? This is how to go about it

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Want tea bombs? This is how to go about it
Want tea bombs? This is how to go about it

23 May 2021: Want tea bombs? This is how to go about it

From Dalgona coffee to tsunami cakes, the COVID-19 pandemic gave us a lot of new recipes to dig in. The latest trend to join the bandwagon is the tea bomb, which is a healthy variation of the hot chocolate bomb. And, the best part is that they are not just good to look at but are healthy too. Read on for recipes and more.

Ingredients: Few basic ingredients: Isomalt, food color, spherical silicone mold, teabag

Tea bombs have an alluring look to them and making it at home can seem like a complicated task, but in reality, these bombs can be made with a few ingredients and in no time. To make a basic tea bomb, you will need isomalt, food color, a spherical silicone mold, and a teabag of your choice. You can also add edible glitter.

Make at home: Here's how you can make the tea bomb at home

Melt the isomalt until it turns clear and bubbly. To this, add the food color of your choice. Coat the two halves of the silicone mold with this mixture, let it harden, and add the teabag and edible glitter to it. Wait for the molds to cool. Melt down the edges on a hot pan and stick them together. Your tea bombs are ready!

Serving: Serve the tea bombs in tea mugs, let it steep

Serving this delicious bomb is similar to serving your hot cocoa bomb. Simply place the tea bomb in a mug and pour boiling water over it. The tea bomb will now begin to melt and the tea bag and other additions like edible glitter or flowers will pop out. Let the tea steep for some time and infuse the flavors before drinking it.

Modifications: You can bring these variations to the basic recipe

While isomalt is a natural sweetener, for extra sweetness, add extra sugar. Adding food color to the isomalt will give it a colorful appearance. Make tea bombs with herbal teas like chamomile or green tea to have fun with flavors. Don't forget to experiment with edible confetti to add to its shine and luster. You can also add edible flowers for an extra kick.

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