We want a strong Lokpal Bill: Aamir Khan

New Delhi, Aug 27 (ANI): Urging social activist Anna Hazare to end his fast, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan on Saturday said he was in favour of a strong Jan Lokpal Bill.

Addressing supporters of Anna Hazare at the Ramlila ground here, Khan said: "We need Anna's leadership for our struggle. So, I urge him to please end his fast today."

Emphasising that he supported the anti-corruption Jan Lokpal Bill prepared by Team Anna, Khan said: "This struggle against corruption - is all of ours. I have read Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill. I have also read the other version. But Anna's bill is the one I support."

"Obviously, only parliament can pass this bill. So, Anna has tried to ensure it is debated, passed. We have elected our MPs. And right now, we are all watching them to see if they will give us a tough anti-corruption bill," he said.

"We have to thank Anna for putting this bill and the issue of corruption in the spotlight. We hope our MPs will not fail us, that they debate this extensively," he added

He further said: "I request MP from my area Priya Dutt to debate and pass the Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament.

"Every citizen of India must ask his MP to support the Jan Lokpal Bill. Let's protest against corruption by not giving a bribe and not let others to do so either," he added

"As citizens of the country we need to ask ourselves whether we will fight corruption or support it," said Khan

Hazare has been on fast since August 16, the day he was arrested and taken to Tihar Jail. He was released the same day, but he refused to leave Tihar Jail. He shifted to Ramlila ground here August 19 where he has been continuing with his fast. (ANI)