Want to spin around in a luxury car or sail in a plush yacht across blues seas?, then Kristan de Graaf’s ‘Elite Rentals’ based in Dubai is the place to be in

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Fasten your seat belts, and get ready for the ride of your lifetime, now that Elite Rentals is here, one could not ask for more.

Ever seen a fleet of the most luxurious cars of the world parked under one roof along with the most enchanting dream yachts anchored all along the bay , if not, come to Elite Rentals based in Dubai, for it has the most amazing collection of the fanciest cars and yachts you must have ever experienced. Owned and managed by Kristan de Graaf, who comes from a Thai-Dutch background from Amsterdam, who has made a mark by launching his first ever car and yacht rental company in Dubai. How did Kristan began his journey as an entrepreneur in a different country altogether is worth a read. Kristan, since his early days was much into betting on live sports matches, which made him pocket a lot of money. Since 17, his habit of indulging in the speculative business earned him that much needed financial backing to enable him to start his journey comfortably. With time Kristan wanted to get involved in serious business and thats where the idea of starting a rental company in Dubai germinated in his mind.

Today, Elite Rentals has a fleet of over 60 luxury cars AMD 30 super yachts at their disposal. Kristan, has always dreamt of living a life which was full of freedom, which would enable him to call the shots, on his own terms, and with this aim he set up his own company which has been extraordinarily successful within 5 years of its launch. This super entrepreneur is extremely popular amongst people in the UAE, and his success is no less than a national celebrity of sorts.

To experience the wide display of the trendiest wheels that move on roads and the fanciest yachts that would make heads turn out of envy visit their official website www.eliterentalsdubai.com to have a glimpse of their fleet.

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