Here’s the Easiest Way to Track Salman Khan

A crash course on how to keep tabs on Salman Khan.

Still trying to figure out how to keep tabs on your favourite star’s latest pics, daily activities, personal details? Well, you could follow him / her on social media - but that’s not it. Take Salman Khan for example, the actor hardly posts anything on social media regularly - so how do you get to know what is the bhai is upto? Here are few people you can follow on Instagram to keep track of Bollywood’s Sultan.

Arpita Khan Sharma & Ayush Sharma

Arpita is Salman Khan’s little sister and she usually travels a lot with Salman while he is shooting, along with her hubby. And because she is family, you will get a sneak peek into all the private parties at Salman’s house, at his farm house and some times even pictures of lazy weekends with the Khan family.

Following Arpita’s husband Aayush Sharma, is also a great way to get the latest behind the scenes pics of Salman’s films. And who wouldn’t want to see Salman and his baby nephew Ahil saying sweet nothings to each other?

Bina Kak

Remember her? Bina Kak is a politician and an actress who has acted only in Salman Khan films. She played mother to Salman in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and few other films. Kak is very close to the Khan family and whenever she is here is Mumbai, she is seen spending time with them. From festivals to weekend getaways to weddings, she is always around. So if you wanna catch Salman at his candid best, do not forget to follow Bina Kak.

Atul Agnihotri

Actor, director and producer - Atul Agnihotri is married to Salman’s sister Alvira Khan, so technically he too is family. For those who don’t know it, Atul is quite active on Twitter and he doesn’t just post holiday pictures, can also get some rare yesteryear pics of Salman on his Insta. He was also the first to post Arpita and Aayush’s son’s picture the moment he was born. Special moments, festivals and throwbacks, you will find everything on Atul Agnihotri’s Instagram page.

Warda Khan Nadiadwala

Sajid Nadiadwala and his family have a relationship with the Khan which goes beyond movies. While Sajid may not be quite helpful if you are looking for updates on Salman, his wife might just be. Follow Warda Khan Nadiadwala, who also belongs to Salman’s inner circle.

So there, you now know how best to keep tabs on Salman, what are you waiting for?