Want a job that takes you around the world? 5 career options for people who love to travel

Vanilla Sharma
Eiffel Tower

Medieval Moroccan traveller and scholar Ibn Battuta once said: "Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller," and we couldn't agree more. In case you too love travelling and exploring new places, the history, the culture, the food and the people, this might just be your thing.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a job that takes you all over the world and you even get paid for it. Sounds amazing right? Work will then probably never feel like work. If occupations like these excite you as much, here are a few career options that are perfect for the wanderer in you.

Commercial airline pilot/ Flight attendant

Qantas Airways

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We agree it's a tough job with early morning flights, long layovers and irritable passengers, but these layovers make for a perfect time to explore new places. Additionally, if you fly international destinations you can explore a lot of places worldwide and learn about the culture. However, you must possess a few things that are a necessity for the job – fluency in English and ability to swim apart from the job specific training.

Ski instructor


Yes, this might be a seasonal job, but is amazing enough for you to want to pursue it. During the ski season, you will end up spending months in places like Austria, Aspen and Jungfrau to name a few. To become a ski instructor, you will need to get a globally recognised certification along with a course on avalanche safety and first aid.

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Retail buyer

Duty free shopping

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Retail buyers are people who source different products for shops, based on the latest trends. It might include all kinds of products such as fashion and luxury items, gadgets and much more. Also called merchandise managers, they are required to work closely with wholesalers and manufacturers. While there are many courses and certifications available to pursue a career in retail buying, a degree in business and economics is an added advantage.

Destination wedding photographer

Destination wedding

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Photography is all the rage right now and almost everyone seems to be fascinated with the idea of being a photographer. While there are many types of photography right from food and candid, to landscape and architectural, fashion photography and destination wedding photography are two of the most glamorous ones. These are not only fun, but take you places all over the world.

Tour guide


This is one of the best job options if you like travelling and exploring places. Like flight attendants, you too might have to deal with unruly people, but the job also takes you to places that you wouldn't be visiting otherwise. As a tour guide, you can explore those tiny nooks and corners of cities and towns that are usually not included in the itinerary.

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